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Bronze Markers

No material can duplicate the rich patina and durability of bronze. Just look at the many bronze plaques in public places and you can understand its appeal. 

When you choose a bronze marker, you are choosing quality and a beauty that lasts. 

We are legally authorized to sell and install bronze markers in all cemeteries, although some memorial parks will erroneously tell you that only their staff can do the installation. Remember, you have the freedom of choice in deciding about where to purchase your bronze marker.

We offer many options that include various shapes and styles. You can personalize your choices with custom borders, fonts and even emblems.

Below are some of the most popular styles.

Contact us for more bronze marker styles.

    • BM01

    • BM02

    • BM03

    • BM04

    • BM05

    • BM06

    • BM07

    • BM08